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Search for Weather Shade & Ventilation Louvres? Series Z is a sleek louvres system created from a precise aluminium process highly suitable for today’s demanding and fashion conscious Designer. Also cost effective and versatile, this collection is applicable for the institutional, commercial, industrial and residential building of tomorrow. Its sharp angled profile is adaptive in situations where both ventilation and weather protection are equally important concerns.

With the increasing demand for feature sunshades to be fitted to the facades of building, our louvres system is both practical and cost effective option. As design requirements vary between projects based on both practical and aesthetic intent, these sun louvres may be custom made to suit the individual demands.


  • Natural ventilation with excellent weather protection
  • Durable base material and finish colour
  • Extremely useful response to demanding M&E equipment specifications
  • Can be retro-fitted or incorporated in to a new project
  • Custom made to user’s requirements
  • Available in a large range of premium colors including powder coat and PVF2 finish

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Weather Shade & Ventilation Louvres

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